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General & Training Meeting Minutes

SBU Umpire Training Meeting 03-12-23: Continuation of Trainings presented on 02-26-2023 and 03-05-23. Please refer to the power points from those two meetings. 


SBU Umpire Training Meeting 03-05-23 Power Point & Notes

Summary: Positioning, responsibilities, coverages in 2 person mechanics

SBU Umpire Training Meeting Power Point 02-26-2023

Summary: Batting Related Infractions

SBU Umpire Training Meeting Power Point 02-19-2023

Summary: Communication signals with partners, Supplementary signals after calls, & Game  Management/Interactions with coaches. 

SBU Umpire Training Meeting Notes 02-05-2023

Summary: This document includes the Meeting Power Point, Quiz Handout and the Quiz Answer Key. It covers the topics Pregame and Suspension of Play. 

SBU Umpire Training Meeting Notes 01-29-2023

Summary: Everything a Pitcher Can and Can't Do.

SBU Umpire Training Meeting Notes 01-22-2023

Summary: Care of Equipment, Professional Appearance, Characteristics of a Good Umpire, Basic order of umpire determinations (the "Great Eight"), and Game Management (substitutions, lineup card management, conferences, ejections.) Includes links to supplementary training videos.

SBU Umpire Training Meeting Notes 01-15-2023

Summary: Review of Arbiter (blocks, assignments, etc.), basic equipment and policies, plate mechanics.

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