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Through SBU

For umpires who have recently joined Spokane Baseball Umpires and need to obtain equipment, please contact:

Rich Hobson at 509-951-8236, or email him at

He will be able to help you get the equipment you need.

Other Equipment & Uniform Vendors:

Ump-Attire Click Here

Gerry Davis Sports Click Here

Honigs Click Here


If you need to have your pants hemmed:

We recommend

Daisy Stitch Studio

Owner: Alyssa Day

7406 E Sprague, Ste #3,

Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Phone: 509-714-5812


Call, text or email for an appointment.

Online Training Sites

Click on the links below to view some of the better explanations and videos of rules and mechanics on the internet.

(Highly Recommended, especially Umpiring Basics 101)

(Some very good videos, but you have to wade through some ads to get to them.)

(Good site...allows you to look up rules and mechanics by topic.)

Close Call Sports  (Analysis of good umpiring technique at the major league level.)

Printed Materials

The best site for obtaining printed materials on rules and mechanics is Referee .com. Click Here to access their baseball related publications.

SBU Umpire Evaluation Form

The SBU Umpire Evaluation Form-2024 is a downloadable PDF file which can be used for informal and self-evaluations of umpire performance. 

In addition, you may download the WOA Umpire Performance Standards Rubrics in PDF Format. This document outlines the various levels of performance standards relating to the SBU Evaluation Form-2024.

New to  baseball?

You might want to check out "Baseball Glossary and Terms" 

(Note: this link was suggested by a young fan, Jordan, who is doing a research project about baseball.)

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