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Upcoming SBU Training Meetings:

In 2024, SBU will be conducting pre-season classroom based training meetings for new and veteran umpires on Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at West Valley High School from January 18th through March 14th. Once weather permits we will also be conducting on-field training sessions, as well as cage sessions as we get closer to the opening of the High School baseball season. Those sessions will be announced via Arbiter. 

The foundation for our trainings in 2024 will include Umpire Classroom's "Umpiring 101" which can be located at The cost for the online course is $35.00.  If you are unable to make the training meetings, it is highly recommended that you take this course.

For umpires new to the organization in 2024, the $35.00 for the course will be reimbursed if 1.) You submit the certification that you have completed the entire course, and 2.) Umpire a minimum of 20 games in 2024. 

We do encourage all to attend as many of the training meetings as possible since that  will help keep everyone up-to-date with rule changes, this year's "Points of Emphasis", as well as getting to know and  developing professional camaraderie with other umpires in the association.

It is HIGHLY recommended that all umpires in our association subscribe to Umpire Classroom. By doing so you will receive weekly quizzes and videos on recent rule changes, as well as refresher videos and quizzes on all aspects of being an umpire. 

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