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Spokane Baseball Umpires' (formerly IEBU) mission is to recruit, train, schedule and compensate quality baseball umpires in the greater Spokane area.  Our goal is to improve the overall quality of umpiring in High School, College, Youth, and Recreational Leagues through innovative teaching, educational programs, and superior educational resources. 


SBU Board Members:


Clark Cosby, President

Kevin Gawenit, Vice-President

Gary Teale, Secretary & Onboard Coordinator


James Whiteley, Past-President

Efrain Rosadovelasquez, Member-at-large/Mentoring

Larry Randall, Evaluations Advisor (appointed)

SBU Staff:

Bob Francis, Assigner


Kerry Kelly, Associate Assigner

(760-580-9154, prefers texts)

Rich Hobson, Treasurer


This section is currently under construction.
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